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Rosal Residences Overview

Property Developer: Property101 Inc
Project Location: 8 Rosal, New Manila, Brgy. Mariana, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Turnover Date: Preselling
Lot Area: 117 sqm. to 138 sqm
Price Range: 330 sqm. to 360 sqm

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Rosal Residences Philippines

Rosal Residences By Property 101

A brand new community is unfolding at the quiet neighborhood of New Manila, Quezon City, The Rosal Residences. A high-end residential domain befitting the elite and royalties.

This magnificent residential development, owned and being managed by Property 101 Inc., is composed only of eight (8) Townhouses in classic designs yet splendid and modern in style. Each townhouse is made up of 4 floors of fully functional home equipped with innovative features providing top-of-the-line security, luxury and comfort. This area of Quezon City was once the bastion of Manila’s affluent families who transferred here from the capital after WWII.

Rosal Residences is primarily situated in 8 Rosal St., Brgy. Mariana, New Manila, Quezon City. Some old houses and mansions still exist in this district which has relevant historical backgrounds believed to be the inspiration of Rosal’s classic design. This exclusive community is brilliantly built with 5 bedrooms, a whole floor dedicated only as living and dining rooms, a maid’s quarter in every unit, garage for 3 to 4 cars, powder room, laundry and service areas and storage room. The air ventilation is naturally occurring so does lighting as the building design enhances these two elements to flow naturally.

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Rosal Residences also offers large lot areas ranging from 117 to 138sqm and floor areas ranging from 324 to 364sqm. Houses are truly huge and fully functional where it has built-in wardrobes and balcony for each unit. Seldom you will find this kind of modern house at this scale and size all over Metro Manila which is certainly conducive to large or growing families.The property is fully fenced and has electronic controls as well as the garage.The site sits well where all life’s essentials for modern living are nearby, such as schools, hospital, shopping and entertainment centers, workplaces, retail shops, fine restaurants, fast food chains and others.

Rosal Residences is a picture of modern and convenient living in the midst of a highly polluted Metropolis. This is a brilliant project of Property 101, Inc., one of the country’s active real estate developers whose keenness to beauty and detail is truly ecstatic. It is a whole new unique experience in real property development: incorporating the background of the place to housing name, and architecture. This newly found community is located at number 8 Rosal Street in Brgy. Mariana, part of New Manila in Quezon City. Rosal Residences got its name from the very street name where it stands and the residential designs got its inspiration from the very history of New Manila being the residence area of wealthy people in Manila who migrated from the center of the metropolis because of the damages brought by World War II. The name “New Manila” is symbolic of the transfer of residence of wealthy people in Manila where financial power is said to sit. And the time of that post World War II exodus, the residential buildings of the newly transferred wealthy families were really huge and extravagant. In honor of that glorious picturesque of the past New Manila site and to immortalize that era of financial stability, Rosario Residences was built.

Property 101 captured the very essence of what a New Manila residence would look like in the past – huge built, spacious interior, large front porch, nice garage and gated community. Rosal Residences is only composed of 8 residential buildings, townhouse design to be exact. The façade is a picture of a classic Filipino house with a modern touch. This is to match the existence of few other mansions and big houses within New Manila. The entire Rosal Residences has an enhanced exclusivity for a more secure environment. Each town house here is a 3 storey building, with spacious 5 bedrooms, all in the upper floor. The ground floor is dedicated for a huge living room, for kitchen and dining area, laundry, storage and service areas with a maid’s quarter and a considerably huge garage enough to house 4 cars at one time. Glass windows and doors are abundantly built-in to allow proper ventilation and enough sunlight to come. This way, electrical power due to air conditioning and lightings could be substantially reduced. Strictly speaking, Rosal residences is dedicated for high-end living.

The huge functional area of each Rosal residential building is due to its large lot area per lot cut with a dedicated floor area ranging from 330 square meters to 360 square meters. Paid lot area is only 117 square meters up to 138 square meters but because of the 3 storey building, the floor area is nearly tripled as well. That explains why there is a bigger floor area out of a smaller lot price. The entire community is surrounded by a perimeter wall with more than enough provisions for high tech amenities and communal facilities. Each unit has its own balcony and rooms are adorned with beautiful built-in wardrobe lockers. Everything inside the house is of superb functionality. Even if the pricing for this high end residential place is a bit on a higher range, in reality, Rosal Residences is still the cheapest option in town because you get an additional 200% of the original lot area that you paid for because of the vertical expansion. That is something that we don’t normally get in any residential offers within the metro.

Property 101 wants you to get the best return for your investments at Rosal Residences so it made sure that every inch of the way into your home and every minute spent is a superb experience because everything that is provided for inside the house makes it a beautiful home for you and your family to dwell-on. You’ll have the best designed living room interior – spacious, technically advanced, great couches and everything is in order. You get the most functional and modern kitchen with its solid counter top and a series of dainty overhead cabinet for storage. All these can be yours with our best acquisition and payment options.

To inquire about Rosal Residences and other Property 101 projects, don’t hesitate to chat with us. We will be happy to assist you with any inquiries you have. We have live agents on call 24/7 ready to get the ball rolling. Be assured that we have the necessary expertise and experience in handling real estate matters and our team is ready to assist you with utmost professionalism. Our team knows how to listen and discern your need, we will work you from that. Hit that CHAT button now and let’s start talking.

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Property 101 Rosal Residences in Quezon City, Philippines is a premier Townhouse project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Rosal Residences, then check here first. We have full details of Rosal Residences updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping or showroom visit, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. Always only buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents.

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Why Invest In  Rosal Residences

Top-notch building features

Rosal Residences features some of the most advanced building features in residential homes all over the country where it has multi-point water heating system, digital lock set, automatic and remote controlled gate, no WI-Fi dead spot, anti-pest reticulation system, remote control garage, cistern and booster tank, electric fencing and CCTV ready system. The community is also secured manually 24/7.

Some of this building features, complete with additional safety features, are not being offered by other high-end residential developments of famous developers in Metro Manila 

This kind of home is a rarity in the metro

The Rosal Residences type of homes in Quezon City and perhaps in all over Metro Manila comes once in a blue moon, the upmarket value is certainly justified where it could higher value as time goes by, your investment will definitely yields a great appreciation in a short period of time. Additionally, its high priority for security, luxury, wide spaces and total privacy is priceless.

The Rosal is still consider affordable where its usability as a residence in an strategic location in the biggest and largest city in Metro Manila both in terms of land area and population, is a low dense community where you can find your needed serenity and privacy after an intense day at work. The site is also considered as low-risk spot for flooding and other acts of God.

Quezon City continues to evolve and innovate

Being Metro Manila’s largest city, Quezon City continues its journey towards a more competitive and convenient place to live in. The government still pours infrastructure projects, in addition to the cities sophisticated utilities and other infrastructures, more are coming in. Other mammoth projects like the 22-km rail system (MRT-7) is in the offing commencing in North Ave. (just a few kilometers away from Rosal), an elevated Automated Gateway Transit system is presently under construction in UP Diliman, near the Rosal Residences and many more incoming infra projects.

These further developments in the city will certainly boosts real estate prices in the coming years, better to start your investment at the Rosal Residences while prices are still at its current level. 

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