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In constructing Rosario Residences, Property 101 made sure of the following on top of their mind: security, convenience and modernity. The classic architecture of each townhouse is subtly modernized to give you back every worth of your investment for this place.

This gated community has a secure perimeter fence with electrical protection attached to it. This is to ensure that everyone within the community is fully protected. There is also a 24 hour security that is manning the entrance and exit gate and the entire perimeter of the community. Closed Circuit Television Cameras are all over the place to ensure that movements from within common areas and on immediate surroundings are documented. To enhance the security of individual town houses, added security features were placed. Gates have automated control system and each door has a digital lockset. All houses equally have provisions for internal CCTV placement.

To further level up the experience here, Property 101 provided a Multipoint Water Heating System and to ensure the sufficiency of water supply 24/7, Cistern and Booster Tanks were also installed. All residential houses here were built nicely so that no room or space will become WiFi dead spot. And to protect your property, there is a pre-construction and post-construction pest treatment system.

All of the 8 townhouses within Rosal Residences have classical facades to emulate the old image of New Manila being a place of big houses and mansions of wealthy families. Adding a modern touch to a classic design is a bit hard but through the ingenuity and brilliant minds of our battery of architects and engineers, that fusion was flawlessly done. The functionality of every space within the house was truly given priority. That massive living room, that spacious and well-organized bath & comfort room, the veranda, the balcony, and even the powder room and the washroom – every space is really counted here.

Rosal Residences, from among the top residential communities in the country is truly a high end place with so much to offer. It surpasses the very meaning of comfort and ease by choosing a site amidst commercial centers, schools, churches, hospitals and even banks and transport hubs and it re-defined modernity by showing the sophistication of its own. It showed how you can save by paying a lot area which is only 1/3 of the total floor area of the house because of vertical expansion. With fully automated gates and secured locksets on individual houses, none else comes close to what Rosal Residences has to offer. This place is truly ideal for relatively bigger families planning to step up their own residential place. And our team is here to make sure that every centavo you put in as investment is well taken-cared of and every peso you put in comes back with non-monetary returns. We are available 24/7 for your inquiries. No worries, we have everything within our reach to assist you. You may also call us in anytime for assistance.

  • Multipoint Water Heating System
  • Cistern and Booster Tank
  • Digital Lockset
  • Automated remote control gate
  • CCTV ready system
  • No WIFI dead spot
  • Anti-pest rediculation system
  • Electric Fencing
  • 24-hour Security 
  • Automatic Gate 
  • Cctv Camera
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